Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SwatchTv Presents: Enchanted Polish - 2 A.M. Summer Night

Hey folks, it's been a long time since I posted here on this old blog here. While I've still been super active on instagram, I just knew I had to come back to my blog for his post. Enchanted Polish has returned and released a brand new multichrome and it is HOT! Get ready folks cuz this is gonna get pic heavy. 2 A.M. Summer Night is a deep enigma of a polish loaded up with multichromatic shimmer that drifts from teal to blue to purple to a searing magenta. The base is so dark that sometimes I wanna say it's berry colored and sometimes I'd say it's a blackened teal color. I'll leave you to decide with these swatches

And where would I be without a little SwatchTv?

So there you have it folks, 2 A.M. Summer Night in all it's shifting glory. Formula was very thick, but workable and leveled out easily. I wear it here at 2 coats plus top coat, but you may be able to get away with one. I don't know about you, but I'd say this is the perfect polish to the end the summer with. I'm actually starting school again in just under a week. I'm excited and scared and scared hahaha. Check back often as I hope to return to regular posting as well. If not you can also find me on instagram and pinterest. Til next time! 

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  1. Wow! Best pics and love the video!!! Good luck adjusting to your new school schedule!! :)


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