Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Enchanted Polish - Dime Piece

Hey all, hope you're just about ready for the coming new year. I am totally prepared to accidentally write on my English papers "XX, XX, 2013" until about March. But let's not go back to school just yet. Today's feature brings Enchanted Polish - Dime Piece. That's lingo for a woman who's a perfect 10. While presenting myself as an object isn't part of my daily regimen, I can appreciate the way this polish makes my nails feel(immaculate!). Described as a straight up silver holo with no other surprises besides a blinding amount of holo pigment this shade is EPs take on a "standard" color. Now I'm not saying you don't need it because oh my goshel it is so pretty, but if you missed out, never fear because there are many a similar color in the holographic rainbow to satiate you. See for yourself in the swatches below.

SwatchTv Presents: Colors by Llarowe - Man in the Red Suit

Hey there carolers and those of good cheer. It's officially that window between Post-christmas and New Year's Eve where nobody wants to go to work or anything. A sort of calm before the storm. I'm still working hard-ish and bringing you a semi-frequent feed of polishes. Today's feature is Colors by Llarowe Man in the Red Suit. Indicative of its name, Man is described as a true red holo. Many a polish addicts have sought out a 3-free color such as this so it was quite a promise for Llarowe to make and boy oh boy did she deliver. This is the closest to true red I've ever seen. It does lean slightly pink in some lightings, particularly extreme angles, but eh that's the nature of the beast called holo pigment. Have fun with the swatches below.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Enchanted Polish - Holiday 2013

Hey there! I'm over here preparing my house for New Years Festivities, but I wanted to drop by and share some more holiday related polish. As such today's feature is Enchanted Polish Holiday 2013. A bit of background on this beauty, this polish was listed for sale with only the below teaser image and no description of the polish finish or color. My faith in Enchanted's colors and formula led me to grab it either way and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Described as a darkened purply brown with glitzy blue shimmer this polish is a great winter shade, when I wear it I feel like I invoke a cool vampy starlet or decades past. Make no mistake, this beauty won't be sitting in the back of my helmer once the clock strikes twelve on new years eve. Anywho have a look at the swatches and see if you feel the same.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Girly Bits - Crantini

Hi there, hope everyone's Christmas was Merry and Happy for those that celebrate it. Today's feature brings you the last of Girly Bits's Holiday 2013 collection with Crantini. Described as a cranberry linear holo with loads of sparkle, I cannot stress enough how magical this beauty is in person. In addition to having a nice holo flame indoors and outdoors, there's tiny beautiful blue iridescent glitter scattered throughout the polish to give it even more oomph. I've tried to hi-light them in my swatch photos, but you'll best catch them in one of my daylight shade photos. Though looking at my nails as I type I can see the blue specks twinkling back at me almost as if they're winking. Anywho enjoy the swatches below.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Girly Bits - Dash Away All

Press Sample
Hello holiday shoppers. We're really getting down to the wire here now for those last minute gifts. While you're out there working hard to wrap those super thoughtful gifts I'll be bringing you today's feature, Girly Bits Dash Away All. Described as a grey scattered holo, like most shades in this collection this goes a little beyond that. Depending on the lighting it can lean cool grey to a slight brownish grey. I wear it here at 2 smooth coats with no top coat necessary. And now enjoy some swatches.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Girly Bits - Auld Langs Wyne

Press Sample
Heya folks! Still under the (overcast) weather over here, but no worries, it's given me ample time to wrap some gifts and bring you today's mani. Without further introduction today's feature is Girly Bits Auld Langs Wyne. Described as a muted burgundy holo this polish sings chameleon. Packed with plenty of holo this baby seems to skirt the line between very bright to muted and borderline vampy. This year has seen a lot of burgundy holos and I'm proud to say this beauty stands quite unique among the rest. I wear it here at 3 thin coats and no top coat.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Girly Bits - Ho Ho Hope

Press Sample

Hey all. Been a busy week here in the land of holos. The holiday gatherings, my fever, and overall lack of sun has muddied up my polish forecast a bit. I've been darting out whenever I can to get some sunlight pics. Without further ado I bring you today's feature, Girly Bits Ho Ho Hope from the Holiday 2013 collection. Described as a bright purple this beauty sports a creamy purple base with a hint of cool shimmer and subtle holo pigment. I wear it here at 2 easy coats with no top coat.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Colors by Llarowe - Paper Moon

Hey there! Today's feature is another CbL and from the recently launched Winter 2013 collection. I give you the stunning intense holo, Paper Moon. Described as light lilac and falling in the pastel purple family this one has been a total win for me. I was legitimately disappointed when I had to take this off. But like all good things, they must come to an end...albeit a brief one. I'm definitely gonna keep this one close at hand for a threepeat mani hehe. Have a look at these swatches and maybe you'll see why

Friday, December 6, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Colors by Llarowe - In the Navy

Hey there folks and welcome to an unofficial irregular Flashback Friday. Today's feature goes back to the roots of SwatchTv back on instagram with a revisit to one of my first swatches and holos, Colors by Llarowe In the Navy. Like its Village People namesake, this color is a deep Navy linear holo. I like to think of this as the first big jaw dropped from Colors by Llarowe in that it's saturated and mega holo. Back in early June when production started for the brand holos like this were a triumph when they mastered saturation and holo linearity. Anywho I'll let the swatches do the talking for now.
Indoor lighting
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