Sunday, August 24, 2014

SwatchTv Presents: Colors by Llarowe - Oops(Addicts Attack Oops?)

Hey folks, got another purple for you today. I have Colors by Llarowe - Oops. This shares its name with several polishes. So what is an Oops? To put it simply it's a polish that the maker, Llarowe, made while pouring an official polish batch. They can't be sold so you'll usually find them in grab bags. Unfortunately there's no real way to identify these from one another based on name, but many people like to name them based on polishes they may or may not resemble. This one is often referred to to as "Addicts Oops" as it looks like a less blingtastically holographic version of Addicts Attack. I'm not sure how they compare but I would describe it as a pink based purple creme with cool undertones and light linear holo. Checkout the swatches below

SwatchTv coming at ya

I'm always going to love purple so you won't hear me complain about adding another one to my stash. Formula was slightly thick but applied easily. You might be able to get away with one coat but I wear it here at 2 coats plus top coat just to be safe. As I mentioned earlier this polish won't make an appearance for sale officially but you may find it or one of it's counterparts in a grab bag someday. Til next time!

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