Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SwatchTv Presents: Colors by Llarowe - Woman From Tokyo

Hey there listeners! I've been relishing in being phlegm and cough free this week and hard at work swatching on the regular. Today's feature is Colors by Llarowe - Woman from Tokyo. For those of you familiar with rock history you may know the band and discography from which this polish gets its namesake. And the answer is...Deep Purple, famous to guitar 101 classes everywhere for their simple but catchy riff on the single "Smoke on the Water". Anywho, if you haven't noticed already, this polish is described as a DEEP purple (heh heh) with strong linear holo pigment. I love little polish puns. Part of the reason I buy polish is for the name. I mean a polish by any other name would still shine as bright, but it's a nice touch I think. Look out below for more swatches and SwatchTv

And a bit of SwatchTv with semi-fitting music. HD for best results
Ta-da. More purple for the purple lovers out there. If you're in need of a straight up dark purple holo this will fit right in as a go to shade. It applies smoothly. I wear it here at 2 coats with no topcoat, but it could be a one coater especially on shorter nails. Well I'm gonna go do a sun dance to try to speed up the overcast around my house at the moment. Til next time!

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