Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Girly Bits - Dash Away All

Press Sample
Hello holiday shoppers. We're really getting down to the wire here now for those last minute gifts. While you're out there working hard to wrap those super thoughtful gifts I'll be bringing you today's feature, Girly Bits Dash Away All. Described as a grey scattered holo, like most shades in this collection this goes a little beyond that. Depending on the lighting it can lean cool grey to a slight brownish grey. I wear it here at 2 smooth coats with no top coat necessary. And now enjoy some swatches.

A little bit of speedy SwatchTv. HD for best results.

Well I won't keep you long, but I hope you're as wowed by this shade as I am. I'm a big lover of greys and this one fits nicely in my stash. Be sure to check back soon as I'll be bringing you the exciting final shade of the Girly Bits Holiday 2013 collection. I'll give you a hint. It's shaken, not stirred. Girly Bits can be bought at girlybits.bigcartel.com. The site is currently under maintenance, but will have a grand re-opening in very early January. Subscribe to her newsletter for frequent updates. Til next time!

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