Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SwatchTv Presents: Elevation Polish - Darkest Storm

Heya there mountaineers! It's been sporadically storm in SoCal lately. And we've been getting some much needed rain. It makes it a little colder. It makes it a little duskier. It makes it a little stormier. As such today's feature is Elevation Polish Darkest Storm from the Naughty by Nature collection. Described as a nearly navy holographic, this beauty totally captures the ominous beauty of a winter thunderstorm. I wear it here at 2 easy coats, no top coat. Please enjoy the swatches below.

And a bit of SwatchTv coming up on your radar. HD for best results

Wowee, if there's a polish that perfectly expresses the dangerous mysterious side to Mother Nature this is it. I've extremely satisfied that Elevation Polish is producing more holos for her core line nowadays. Hopefully that means many more holo SwatchTv brought to you by Elevation Polish in the near future. Til next time!

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