Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Enchanted Polish - Vampires Suck

Greetings, today I have for you a swatch from Enchanted Polish's Halloween themed polish duo, Vampire's suck. Described as the successor to the discontinued Vampire's Dessert, Vampires Suck leans a blacked burgundy appearing brown in most lights. What makes this a new polish and not just a dupe is the duochromatic shimmer pulsing throughout the polish that shifts from golden brown to plum to copper. With a healthy dose of holo it's no surprise this is a stunner. Enjoy the swatches this is gonna get pic heavy!
Indoor lighting

with flash

and daytime swatches

the formula was flawless as always flowing easily in nearly one coat. I've applied 2 for max coverage. Hope you enjoyed the many facets of this polish and pick it up if you get the chance. Til next time!

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