Monday, November 25, 2013

SwatchTv Presents: Enchanted Polish - Austin Powers

Hello again, I'm hot off the restock with jitters and adrenaline even a day after. So today I have for you my good luck mani, Enchanted Polish Austin Powers. I believe this polish was released sometime around this time last year. I scored it about 6 months ago and words can barely express how happy I am to finally be wearing it. Austin Powers is a gold linear holo and much much more than that. What makes this polish special is that the color comes from a combination of teeny tiny gold flakes and red-orange micro-hexes. The finish is smooth with just one coat of top coat. I see a lot of use coming from this polish in the future. And now enjoy the swatches.
 fluorescent light

 with flash
at sunset 
in shade 
in sunlight(daytime)
And I wouldn't be SwatchTv without a little HD home movie. 
Enjoy this little clip in high quality for best results
Unfortunately this beauty HAS been discontinued for a while now, but Enchanted Polish has been known to bring back colors from time to time so if you see it out there I urge you to grab it. Hope you enjoyed your stay. Til next time!

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